About Us

Hire reliable cars

All our cars have insurance against any damage, ITP up to date and are monitored permanently by GPS. In addition, service is done on your own network using original and quality original parts. We also use quality tires from our own warehouse.

With careful monitoring and our own service, we are constantly looking after the cars of our Nagol car rental fleet, so you can enjoy a quiet road even on the streets of Chisinau.


Our service also includes unlimited mileage for any rented car and permanent telephone support at the call-center dedicated to Chisinau Car Rental Branch, phone (+373) 600 500 88


We know that most of our clients are part of the business segment, and therefore our car rental company Chisinau will provide only cars with no special features.


In order to be able to use the Nagol Rent a car service, the client can have his / her residence anywhere, provided that he / she is at least 21 years old, the age of his / her driving license must be at least 1 year, and the guarantee must be paid when the rental service is contracted. Each rental car benefits from insurance, ITP. Our prices include VAT and all taxes, excluding fuel.


The car is delivered with the full amount of fuel made, and must be returned under the same conditions. We recommend our customers to book your Nagol Car Rental (both on site and by phone) at least 48 hours before the date of delivery to ensure the availability of the car in the Automotive fleet.

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